Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My art in iPhone case form

Hey all my viewers and followers! As many of you may know I have some of  my artwork for sale at society6.com. Not only can you get prints of my artwork, now you can get it for your iPhone case or iPod case. Cards are available too. Soon I'm hoping to have t-shirts available as well. So go and check it out!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lady and the Merman

Wow...this was one of my first watercolor paintings. I was actually proud of it. I always saw images of mermaids and sailors or mermaids playing around or sunbathing. I hardly ever saw art pieces of women and mermen. So I thought, why not make one of my own?
The print of this piece is for sale at http://society6.com/DeesArt

Art for sale!!

Hey viewers of my art (if any). I have been extremely busy with...well, life in general. But anyways, I have prints of my artwork for sale on a very awesome website called Society6. Now I only have a couple right now, but keep a look out and you will find my selection grow. The two pieces that will be up for sale (the print version) on this sight are my Heritage and Strawberries as seen here. So if you feel like checking it out click on the link and enjoy!!